Betting Tips & Predictions Today in Kenya 2019

The aim of this website is to provide information about betting tips and predictions a Kenyan player can use in order to start betting on their favourite sports teams.

With the increasing surge for betting in Kenya, many are now seeing the opportunity to start making money by betting on sports using the best football betting tips and predictions. Today thousands of Kenyans are using their mobile phones to play on legal and professional betting sites.

We have decided to make this website to offer the betting tips and predictions as well as listing the best bettings sites in Kenya.

The Kenyan sport betting company (bookmaker) have the same standard as any other betting site. You can place your bets on all types of sports events. On some of the sites, you can even place a bet during the event. It is called live betting. In addition to football, you can also bet on basketball, tennis, formula one and mand other sports. You can also bet on all games in the Kenya Premier League.

Betting Tips Kenya

Many people wonder where to find the best betting tips in Kenya. For us, the answer is simple, at With many years of experience and thousands of games watches you will get some of the most reliable and profitable tips from us. We are especially skilled in football betting tips but are constantly improving and expanding the fields that we are active in.

Betting Sites Kenya

If you are interested in learning more about the legal and trustworthy betting sites in Kenya we have a dedicated page for that. We make sure to test each of the sites to make sure that they live up to our high ranking factors. They need to have a secure platform with fair user terms and conditions. There should be plenty of games and events available to play at. The payouts should be quick and we expect to get a bonus as well.

Betting Tips and Predictions Kenya

Numerous betting and prediction sites exist in Kenya but, is different, second to none, here is why we offer the best betting tips and predictions in Kenya. What makes our site different?
There are only a few betting and prediction sites in Kenya. offers information on sports predictions and tips for Kenyans. The predictions and tips offered are guided by innovations in sports, recent happenings and a strong ethic for responsible betting. We not only are lovers of sports, but we love sports fans too. As such, our site promises you the best and most reliable betting tips and sports predictions to enable you to earn even more.

Our main goal is to provide a safe and trusted platform where our clients are assured of easy access to our website; You can, therefore, freely place your bets on betting websites using our tips without any hassles.

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What we offer

Looking to get the best and most profitable betting tips in Kenya? Look no further. Not only does provide you with information on sports predictions and tips for your betting pleasure, we are confident in our predictions and betting tips are carefully analyzed by experts in sports. Hence, you rest assured of placing the right bets through our useful tips and predictions. Of course, there are no guarantees of winning so you have to gamble responsible but by following expert tips your chances of winning increases dramatically.

Our website is easily accessible and has a very understandable and easy navigation system. We know how sports lovers in Kenya have grasped the opportunity to make money by betting on sports and we have capitalized on this opportunity by bearing your passion for sports in mind. offers the best betting tips and sports predictions in Kenya. Our website has all possible information which would immensely help you in your betting journey including lists of the best, most trusted and legal betting sites in Kenya. These sites have been carefully and rigorously checked by our team to make sure they are truly safe and legal.

We provide you with information on varieties of sports ranging from basketball to football. Live sports are also included in our radar of information dissemination. We mainly specialize in football prediction and betting tips and are gradually improving our expertise to cover all other areas of sports. is your go-to resource centre on everything and anything sports.

How to improve your chances of winning by using our Betting Tips

Being a pro at betting is a goal to achieve for many beginners, it may be quite a daunting task trying to piece games together and winning big. Veterans and beginners alike, get in here to find betting tips and predictions in Kenya.

Kenyan Lovers of sports now have a trusted platform where responsible betting tips and sport predictions can now easily be accessed, thanks to While there is a surge of passion and excitement for sports events by sport fans in Kenya, most of these fans also look forward to and bank on opportunities where they can earn simply by loving and paying more attention to sports. This is both genius and wonderful.

The undeniable fact still remains that as days go by, more sport events and activities emerge in Kenya and globally. Lovers of sports too are on the rise. What sport predictions and betting have achieved is this; it has given people a pedestal on which their passion for sports is rewarded. What this basically implies is that the higher the increase in sports, the more the people are rewarded. Betting tips and predictions, invariably, are now fast becoming an integral part of the culture of sports in Kenya and is in fact, widely spreading.

Kenya and Sports Betting Culture

One of the unique attributes of Kenya lies in the tactical nature of citizens; the ability to carefully analyze sports and its outcomes. In truth, sport predictions and betting is a phenomenon and it is nothing new in Kenya. Kenya has been a country typically involved in sports even before her independence. Hence, numerous lovers of sports in Kenya can be explained. That is why the richly earning sport betting industry has now been firmly established in the country, being a key player in this industry through the provision of relevant tips and predictions. If you want to try casino games we recommend getting 100 free spins starburst no deposit since it will allow you to try it for free.

Summary Betting Tips in Kenya provides betting tips and predictions and has not only made betting predictions easier through their website. The website can easily be accessed anytime, anywhere simply with the use of mobile devices. is legal and trustworthy betting tips and prediction site in Kenya and it assures you of smooth betting processes with the most reliable tips and predictions.